Minimalistic earrings. You see them everywhere and sometimes a bit overpriced if you ask me. I had a few of these and decided to make a post to help you see that there is a cheaper way to stay in the minimalistic trend. Enjoy!

If you want to know more about the aliexpress site you can click here to go to my first aliexpress post where I tell you all about this website. Now back to the earrings. 
Thunderbolt earrings - €0,61 
I was looking for thunderbolt earrings for a while and never thought I would find them this cheap. Under €1? Like what? They also have a little texture and aren't just plain silver. 
Bar earring  - €0,51 for one.
When I passed these I thought it was a nice version of the classic bar earrings everyone has but for a very cheap price. They are arched and easy to wear. (You can check the page for a picture where these are worn, to get a better perspective.) But when reading the comments I noticed that they were sold by one and not as a pair. So in total it cost me €1,01 to make a pair. I don't know why the right one looks damaged on the picture because in real life it isn't, sorry for that! 
I adore these, like these are one of my favorites. They have a long vertical bar and the backside is a lot longer. You also don't need an earring stopper because of the back being that long. I wear these very often. These earrings are available in multiple colors. 
For me these cactus earrings are still in the minimalistic trend. Maybe not for everyone but I love them. I adore cactuses and when I saw that they had earrings, I had to have them. You also have them in gold and rose gold if you don't like silver. 
Geometric triangle - €1,30
We have all seen the triangle earrings, but this was the first time I saw ones like these. When I wear them it looks like the one side disappeared. Also I love the simplicity about these ones. These earrings are available in multiple colors. 
When you think about minimalistic earrings you think of these ones.. The classic bar earrings, also available in multiple colors. Because they are small and flat they weren't easy to photograph. But I did my best, they are silver colored in real life. 
Maybe a bit more edgy but still minimalistic. Perfect for a night out are these safety pin earrings. When I wore these someone told me: 'What? Are you wearing safety pins?' It took a while before they actually noticed they were earrings and not safety pins for your clothes. I do find them a bit larger than I was expecting, so that's why I only wear them when I go out. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you now see that there is a cheaper way to stay on trend. 
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  1. Ooh leuke juweeltjes allemaal! Ik heb er net gekocht bij Sincerely Valentine (kleine veertjes) en er waren ook kleine flamingo's, echt leuk! Toffe post trouwens :) xx

  2. Super leuke oorbelletjes! Kost op Aliexpress inderdaad geen zak, je wacht er wel even op maar dan heb je ook wat!