Hi guys, first of all: happy easter! It may be spring but the weather isn't that amazing. The sun may be shining from time to time but the wind is still cold. That's why I have a new outfit for you. Also I'll have some words of last weeks terrorist attack in Brussels. Keep on reading.
Because spring is finally here I can wear my limited edition Delvaux bag again, it's called the X-ray edition. Even though I also wear it in winter time, in spring/summer this bag looks better. The see thought looks better when the sun is out. But I'm still looking for a little special pouch to put inside. If anyone has an idea, leave it behind! 
For the outfit I kept it simple: Black pants and shirt. But to give it that little extra I chose for this pretty faux fur coat that I bought in sale, for I think €10? Well, I had to take that with we and I loved it ever since. What I love about it is the different colors. It has that kinda animal print in it, something I didn't have in my wardrobe. Together with these silver shoes I'm all ready to go. I absolutely love the sole from these shoes.
  Jeans Zara - Shoes and coat C&A - Handbag Delvaux - Top Primark 
The 22th of march my little country changed. 
That morning, not knowing it wouldn't be a typical day. I took my bus to school at seven in the morning. A bus that comes from Brussels Airport.. I went to class and after a while I opened Facebook. What I read there, it shocked me. It took 20seconds for my whole class to know the news. But it took a couple of minutes to really understand what really happened, that it really happened today. People were anxious about their loved ones. My mom works in Brussels, so I texted her right away.

I think I can say we all knew that, that day would come. But for it to really happen is something totally different. Terroristic attacks happen way to often but for it to happen in our little country, it shocked me. Especially because I live near Zaventem. To know a really good friend of mine was there a couple of hours before, makes it all so surreal. I feel sorry that it didn't stay with one attack, but that Brussels was hit again.. All these people that were starting there day, brought there children to school, were on there way to work… They did nothing wrong. Ordinary people, how could they do that to them?

But what I also can say it that, we didn't back down. We fought back, not with guns but with love. We showed them that even though they attacked us, they can't kill our love. Our love of life. We showed them that our tiny little country is one and that we will leave our house and go to school, go to work, but not with fear.. With courage. 

I feel deeply with the victims and their family. I hope one day you can find peace, we will never forget them our this day.  

I hope you guys liked this outfit and thank you for reading. 
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  1. Die schoenen had ik ook besteld, maar helaas niks voor mij en ze waren ook net wat te groot D; Wel echt een toffe outfit!

  2. Zalig jasje, heb ook net zo een gekocht! En echt verschrikkelijk wat er gebeurd is, ik ben er ook nog steeds niet goed van :'( x