Today I'm here with a new review for you guys. I got a new matt liquid from Pupa milano. A nude one with pink undertone. I was looking for a hydrating liquid and maybe this one is it? 

This isn't my first Pupa liquid, I already own a red one. If you want to see a review on that one just click here
Now for the packaging. With their liquids they always go for this kind of packaging, one that I absolutely love! You can see the color just by the little lip in the middle. It feels good in your hands and I love the reflection it gives. I'm a fan of this packaging! 

 I absolutely love the color. I was looking for a nude color with a touch of pink in it. And if you ask me, this is it! This color is perfect for everyday use but it's not like all the types of brown nudes you see around you. It dries up matt but still feels hydrating to the skin. On the other hand this makes the liquid not all kiss proof. It may give a little something off, so if you like a 100% matt liquid that doesn't give off any product, this one isn't for you.
For myself, it doesn't bother me that much because I do find hydration important. What I do notice is that it's highly pigmented.
Now for the color on my lips, Yeeesss loving it! This is after a few hours, still perfect, but they do fill in the lines, that you will see. A sad point on this liquid.
Btw don't mind the brows, I'm trying to let them grow so in a month I'll have the perfect brows on fleek haha.

What I think about this liquid?
+ Highly pigmented 
+ Love the packaging 
+ Hydrating liquid
- Fills in the lines
+/- It's completely matt 

You can find this liquid for €17,95
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