Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have a fun diy project for you. I was planning to pimp my old jeans and I found a fun way. We all see these patched sweaters, t-shirts,jeans,… So I wanted to make my very own patched jeans. Curious to see how easy this actually is and where I got mine? 

What do you need 
  • Patches
  • Jeans
  • Flat-iron
Step one:
I wanted to do this #diy forever now. But I never found the right patches. But after a long time searching and searching. I finally found the perfect ones for me. These two packs of patches come from the shop Mango. They were €12,99 each. An okay price if you ask me. 

Step two:
Now that you got your patches it's time to place them where you want. It took me about 15min before I was happy with the placement of the patches. Take your time because when you iron them on, there is no way back. 

Step three:
Now it's time to make the patches more permanently. Take your flat-iron and leave it for about 15seconds on each patch. Make sure to check if they actually stay one. And after that, your jeans it ready to be worn!

TIP: You can also sew your patches on your jeans after the flat iron. So you are 100% sure they will last a long time. 

What do you think? I'm totally spring proof with my new jeans 
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