Valentines day might be far away. But these heart shaped lipsticks from the Best friends forever collection, makes you fall in love all over again. This collection is already out for a while, but when I was in Germany about two weeks ago, I bought myself one. Curious to see what I think of this lipstick?  

It's called the BFF collection, so you can enjoy it together with your best friend. Or like myself, just on my own. Well, that happens when your best friends don't like lipstick the same way you do. But now over to the actual lipstick. 
I love the packaging. Silver with a little heart in the middle. So you can figure out the colour of the lipstick. Also I adore the color inside the packaging. Kiko always knows how to make their lipsticks attractive. What stands out is the shape of the lipstick. At first I was curious to see if it applies well. It might be beautiful to look at, but if it doesn't apply well, what's the purpose, right? 

04 - Romance Cyclamen 

The colour I chose is a deep fuchia with a hint of purple. ( see swatch picture) I love how this color turned out. Not a typical pink color.

The lipstick applies very well. The heart shape makes sure that you can work amazingly on your upper lip. It's very pigmented. And the lipstick feels soft on the lips.  And above that it's a colour perfect for spring. 

The lipstick will fade after 3 to 4 hours, it fades evenly so you won't have a darker circle on the outside. It won't be as pigmented when you just applied it, but it will leave a hint of colour. 

Kiko endless love lipstick €5,90

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  1. Ik vind hem echt super leuk eruit zien! Mooi kleurtje ook! -x-

  2. Je zou 'm bijna alleen al kopen om hoe 'ie eruit ziet!