Todays review is about a product I'm really excited about and couldn't wait to share it with you guys. The long lasting lip marker from Kiko. Say hello to this.

I once owned a marker, a very cheap one. And I had a bad experience with it. When I was in Germany I saw that Kiko also had markers and wanted to give it another go with a different brand. From the beginning of this post, you will know that this marker is a big yay for me. 
Kiko promises an extremely long-lasting no transfer lip marker.
That's a lot of expectations for this product. But it fulfills it all. The lip marker gives a natural effect and you don't even feel it on the lips. I already wore it to work twice and I must say after 9hours it was still the same colour as when I first applied it. Also a big plus is that you almost need no touch ups. 

Because the marker is made from a strong material you can work very precise. I noticed that if you work upwards it applies even better. It does make your lips a bit dry so make sure you hydrate them enough before. 

103 - Peach red 

Kiko long lasting colour marker comes in 8 shades - €6,90
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  1. Wauw ziet er super uit!
    Ik ga deze zeker eens proberen!

    X Elien

  2. Oeh ik moet weer eens naar de Kiko! Wat staat deze je trouwens goed! Echt een mooie kleur.