I'm a person that loves changing their iPhone case regularly, but sometimes these cases can cost so much that I can't afford to have a lot of these and change them every week. That's why I started searching for cases on Aliexpress and well, I found a few!

Cactus case  - €1,49
First case is my absolute favorite one. You all know I have a little addiction when it comes to cactuses. And if you follow me on instagram you may have spotted this beauty already in this picture. Also the fact that they have googly eyes makes the case even better. 

Watermelon case  - €0,85 
A case that has been made for summer: watermelons. I love the fact that there a still transparent parts with the line: Sweet Pink on it. I think this is a perfect case when it's hot outside. The case is flexible and the print doesn't cover the whole case. With this one I don't mind, it doesn't bother me that much because of the fact that you have transparent pieces all over. 

Pink eyes case  - €2,49
You may have noticed that this is a case inspired by Chiara Ferragni. Yes it's a fake one, but that's not the reason I bought it. I love the pink glitter and the wink the eyes make. This is my go to case if I attend a party or something like that. So I found it 'unnecessary' if I would pay way more for a case I hardly use. 

POPcorn case  - €1,60 
The next case that I have with the googly eyes is this popcorn one. I love the fact that it says 'POP!' all over the case and that they have eyes. It's a very steady case that protects your phone very well. 
TIP: This case is right now cheaper, only €1,46

Marble case - €0,90 
I was searching for a lovely marble case and so I found this one. It's a flexible case where the borders are see through so the marble doesn't cover the whole case. I do find that disappointing but it's something I can live with! If you want your marble print to be all over the case, this one isn't for you. 
Also on the pictures it looked like the marble print was more black instead of blue/grey.

Donut case  - €1,49
My last case is also one with googly eyes. This time with pink donuts. Come on, they are soooooo cute, right? This case comes from the same seller as the cactus one, it's a very steady iPhone case. 

Well, I must say.. I have six iPhone cases for only €8,82. An average of €1,47 for each case. Not bad if you ask me. 

What do you think of my cheap iPhone cases?
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  1. 2 Weken terug nog 3 gekocht voor mijzelf. Vind die Marble wel erg mooi.

  2. OMG i just love these!! i have my 6 myself and i'm so happy!