We all know I adore a lovely cactus. Now I saw all these paper ones and decided to make a few myself. Because even a cacti can die and we don't want that, so these paper ones will never leave you. Curious how you can make these beauties? Keep on reading.

What do you need:
  • Scissor 
  • Pencil and ruler 
  • Different shades of green markers (to draw spikes) 
  • Cardboard paper in different colors or patterns 
Step one:
Draw a cactus of your choice. I went for my first one for a 'typical' cactus everyone knows. Make sure you draw an extra part, the same size as the middle of your cactus. After that cut the shape out with your scissor. 
 Step two:
Now that you have the shape of your cactus it's time to put it together. Draw a line on both of your pieces, like the picture. Take your scissor and cut onto the line. 
Step three:
Because of the gap your cut you can now slide both pieces into each other. If your gap isn't deep enough you can always cut more. Make sure that the bottom is even so your cactus won't fall over. 
Step four:
Now to give some extra support you can attach the bottom using some tape. You won't see this at the end. I did it to every side just to be sure.
Step five:
This part is optional but it gives a nice touch. I took one of my old cactus pots from Ikea and cut an old primark bag in small pieces. I crumbled them and added to the pot. 
 Now your cactus is all ready to shine in your room or anywhere else. Easy to make and this can never die. You can also make different shapes and use different colors/patterns. I made a few more: 

 You see, you can make different shapes and add some extra. Like the last one I made. I drew some spikes using a dark green marker, also added this pink 'flower'. Also you maybe noticed that the other one, the green one and the flowered one is the same. Well for that one I thought it would be fun to use cardboard paper that has a different pattern on each side. Because of this I can turn that cactus around and get a different one again and again! A fun accent.

What do you think of my easy paper #diy cacti? 
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