Last Saturday, april 23th. I got the chance to go shopping in Maasmechelen-village with 49 other winners who go to take a +1 with them. Ofcourse I took my best friend and we had an amazing time. Curious to find out more about our day? Keep on reading. 

When I entered the competition I had to choose one out of four bloggers that matches my style. I went for the minimalistic style and chose Nanja Massy.  And amazing make-up artist that has a perfect style in my eyes. 

There were two busses who took us to Maasmechelen-village. Easy for us that we didn't had to think about transportation. Once we arrived we started on a styling-trip around the village with our chosen blogger: Nanja. She gave us accessorizing tips and showed us what was hot for this upcoming summer. 
After that it was time to eat! We went to Giuliano and it was delicious! I took the four cheeses ravioli. Also Nanja was showing us her perfect how-to instagram food tips. Funny to see her doing her thing. She's such a sweet person. 
When everybody was ready we got some personal shopping time with our +1. With winning the competition we got each a gift voucher and a vip-pass for extra discount. I said to my best friend that I wouldn't be buying shoes, because I already have so many… Well, bummer. I got some really nice sneakers and a little wallet to put my coins inside. The sneakers that I got are from Supertrash and the wallet is from Furla. So happy with my two items that I scored. 

At around five in the evening it was time to take the bus home. I had an amazing time and I want to thank for the opportunity & the perfect day. Also a big thanks to my best friend Laura for being my partner in crime. 
Shopping is real cardio if you ask me. 
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