Yesterday I had a day off, so my mom and I decided to go shopping at Primark. Because last time there weren't much summer clothes. So we were curious to see if that had changed. Come and take a look with me. 

 Shirts with side laced-up details - €6 each 
I'm a sucker for lovely shirts that don't wrinkle and that have a little special touch. So when I saw these shirts I was sold. It's very simple but at both sides you have a little laced-up detail at the bottom of the shirt that makes it different. Bonus: they were on sale, normally they were €11 each, even better!

Flamingo tshirt - €8 
I was hoping to find a cute tshirt with a cactus on it, but I didn't found that. This flamingo is a nice replacement. It a shorter tshirt perfect for hot summer days.

 Patched shirt - €8
You all know by now that I love patches. So I had to take this one with me. Covered in food, perfect! I bought this shirt way to big because I love the oversized look it gives. 

 A-line skirt - €13
You see these buttoned skirts everywhere, but I didn't found any that I really loved. Well now I did, this kind of jeans color always get's my attention and you can combine it with so many things. I'm glad I found an A-line skirt like this. 

 Metal hangers - €6 / €4 
From a previous Primark shoplog you may have noticed that I purchased these metal hangers before. But these a bit different, they have a turned structure. Because of that they are also a bit more expensive. 
Also I got some metal hanger for my skirts. You can see that there is also a little hook attached for your belts. 

 Nail polish set - €3 
A perfect nail polish set, with colors I don't own. Nothing more that I can say about that. 

White bed cover - €33 
Last but not least this white with laced detailed cover. I always wanted a white one but didn't found any that I liked, well Primark did a great job. 

What do you think of my new purchases?
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  1. Ohh wat een leuke dingen allemaal! Love dat patches top. <3

  2. Zo zo leuk allemaal! Snel naar Primark!

  3. Primark has amazing things! I really love the flamingo! But the clothing hangers are amazing! I really like the bronze color of it and the bed cover is perfect! I was searching for a not to expensive one, have to go to primark :)