Hi guys! It's Wednesday so it's time for part two of my 4part serie on how to pimp your sneakers. Today it's all about how you can make your own fringes! I chose for an holographic print but you can make it in your very own color or print! Curious to see how you can make this? Keep on reading.

What do you need
  • (Faux) leather pieces, two times 6 x 14cm
  • Pencil and scissors
  • Multi hole punch tool 
  •  Ruler 
Step one 
Turn your leather around so the bottom side is now on top. You have to draw a piece of 6cm wide and 14cm long. Cut this two times because, you have two shoes, lol. This is de back of your leather, so it doesn't matter if it's neat or not. 
Step two
Now it's time to draw the pattern. You can see on the image what lines and holes I wanted to add. But for you guys I made a pattern with specific measurements. You can find it below. Draw the pattern on both pieces. 

You can download the image below to have a clear view on how to make the right pattern for your fringes. If you follow these numbers, you'll have the perfect shoe fringe!
Step three
Now that you have drawn the lines and added some dot's for the holes. It's time to make our fringe. Cut along the lines. For the holes use your hole punch tool. I used the biggest one for the four bigger holes and the smallest tool for the five little holes in the middle. 
Now do this for both pieces, you will get your own fringes as a result!

Would be happy to see you next Wednesday for the next part of this Pimp your sneakers serie. We will be making shoe tassels! Hopefully you guys liked this diy as much as I do!

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