Hi guys! Friday I went to the graduation of my previous school to see some friends and my old teachers. A little reunion actually. Afterwords we went to their prom. That's why I'm showing you my outfit of that night. 
It's all black, nothing shocking coming from me. I went for this tight dress that is loose from the waist down. Because I love the chic and cool chick look, I added my leather jacket to make me feel more in my comfort zone but still fancy. Together with my heels and a little black clutch my outfit was complete. 

This clutch that I bought at H&M about two years ago is amazing for a night out. It has a leather strap with a pattern on it as a statement but it's also comes in handy. I can stick my hand in it as wear it like this (see picture above) this makes it more comfortable to walk around with.  

I'm curious to find out what you thing of this outfit! 
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