Hi guys! Finales are over so that means I can start blogging again (applause). That's why I have a little something new for you all. I'm a huge sneaker fan and I don't hide that. But sometimes I just want to add fun things to my sneakers to pimp them and to make them more unique. So today is part one of a four part Pimp your sneakers-series. So keep on reading! 

You probably all have seen the fringe trend to add to your sneakers and now shoe candy and also tassels are making their way into the sneaker world. I thought it would be fun to see how you can make all three of them for a fraction of the price they are selling for in stores. Also I'll be doing a part four with another diy, but that one is a surprise! 

Today we are starting with: shoe candy  

What you will need: 
  • 2 clothing patches, I took both the same design. But two different ones can be unique too! 
  • Superglue
  • 2 empty frames for making your own brooch
  • Sneakers 
 Step 1:
You have to decide how you want your patch to look like when you attach them to your sneakers. First I took both frames and put them in a different angle onto the patch. After that I held the patch in front of my sneaker to see what angle worked best. This is your choice, do whatever you think looks best. 

Step 2:
When you found the angle you like it's time to attach it. First use some superglue onto the frame and press firmly onto the patch. Wait for it to dry. 

 Step 3:
This step is optional. But I wanted to be sure the patch would steady. So I used some needle and red thread for extra strength. Make sure to use a thread color same like your patch. 

You are ready to rock your shoe candy! A diy that's easy to make and looks fab. Little extra tip: You now have two brooches, you can also attach them to your denim jacket or a striped tee for example. They aren't just  shoe accessories.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of this four-part serie. I'll see you next Wednesday for part two, we will be making sneaker fringes! 

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