Today it is the 25th of july. That means that today is my birthday! Yeeeeeey. I turned 21. Right now I'll be celebrating my birthday with my family. But last week, the 20th I had a little party with my best friends to celebrate my upcoming birthday. For that occasion I made my very own piñata in the shape of a donut. I thought it would be fun to show you guys how easy it is to make your very own piñata for your party or as a gift! Curious to see how you can make this? Keep on reading!

What do you need:
- Cardboard (a lot!)
- A knife 
- Scissors 
- White craft glue
- Pencil 
- Tape 
- Crepe paper in the colors you'd like to use

First you'll have to decide how big you want your donut to be. I used a pencil attached to some ribbon to make the outer and inner circle. Cut these out by using your knife. This works better and faster. Make sure you make two of these, identical. Because we need both sides!
It's time to decide how wide you want your donut to be, mine is about 14cm high. Cut different strips of cardboard and attach them with the tape to your circle. Don't forget the inner circle, otherwise it won't be stable. 
Now you will get something like this picture. 

It's time to fill this baby up. I used different kinds of candy. Go for the types of candy that are wrapped in a paper. otherwise when they'll fall out, no one wants to eat it, if the candy just fell on the grass or floor for example. 

I also used some garlands in different colors. Make sure you use a lot! This way it will be a party when your piñata will break. 

Before you close your donut you can add some cord to hang it up. I used a knife to make two holes in my cardboard circle, where you want it to hang. Next I glued 3pieces of small cardboard together and made the same holes in this piece. When it dried up you can now add your cord and attach it on the inside. The extra layers of cardboard will provide your donut to hang perfect and it won't fall. 

After that it's time to close your donut. Use some tape. I made mine very strong and it took me 4minutes to break my piñata. If you want it to break faster, use less tape. 

Now it's up to you what kind of colors you use. I used white crepe paper on the back side and the borders. Use your scissors to make the fringes and glue them on the cardboard. Make sure you place each layer close to each other for the best effect. 

For the pink I used the same technique. When all the pink was glued on, I used my scissors to make the round shape. I cut all the access pink away. 

And now your piñata is ready to be destroyed. I know this is a short diy but I just wanted to quickly show you how I made mine. It's really very easy but you need patience. But a little tip from me to you. Make your piñata a few weeks before your party, so you can enjoy it before you'll have to smash it. 

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