Hi guys! Welcome to a new blogpost. Today it's part 3 of my pimp your sneakers serie. We are making these removable fringes. But not fringes to add on top of your sneakers like last week. But underneath your laces. Curious to find out how you make your own? Keep on reading you guys! 

You may have noticed that there has been a change. Normally I was posting a diy on how to make tassels. But I changed it up to these fringes. Why? Well, I still had to shoot my head shot for my post of my tassels. When I wanted to add them to my shoes and make a few pictures, I noticed that one tassel just disappeared.. And there wasn't any time to make a new one and get this post up on time. So I will be uploading the tassels next week! Thank god that I work in advance and I already shot this diy. Good job Felia if I say so myself!

But now, let's get started!

What do you need: 
  • (Faux) leather in the color/pattern you like 
  • Multi hole punch tool 
  • Sneakers 
  • Pencil and scissors
  • Ruler 
Step one
Take your piece of leather and guess how long and large your piece will have to be to cover the 'lap' space. Mine was about 6cm on 14cm. When you are measuring this piece make sure you put the leather beneath the holes where your laces will go. Otherwise it will be to narrow. 
When you cut out your two pieces you will become something like this. A good attention point is that you have enough fabric in the front where your fringes will come.

Step two
Take both of your pieces and draw half a circle on top. you can use your shoe as a guide. Cut this out. 

Step three 
Put the leather piece in your shoe and mark with a pencil where your bottom two holes are. When you are doing this make sur you leave enough space in the front to cut out your fringes. Leave as much space as you like. Cut out these two holes with your hole punching tool. Do this with both pieces.

Step four
Draw on the backside if your leather piece a fringe motive. Mine are 3cm high and about 1cm wide. Cut these out, do this for both pieces. Make sure you don't cut to close to your hole, you want it to be firm. 

When you completed all the steps you will become something like this.

Step five
This step is optional, but I added this because you see this in sneakers but also it makes sure your leather piece will stay put all day long. You can cut these two lines on each leather piece out with a cutter. 

Now all you have to do is adding the leather pieces to your sneakers and you have a fringe that goes underneath your laces.

I hope you guys liked this diy! See you next wednesday for the last sneaker diy of these Pimp your sneakers serie.

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  1. Ooh looks nice! Waar heb je die lap gevonden in die kleur? Ik heb namelijk geen idee waar ik moet beginnen zoeken!

    1. Deze heb ik op Aliexpress gekocht! & dankjewel ^^