Hi guys! Nice to see you found your way to my blog. Today it's monday so that means it's time for another school supply august. Today we'll be making three notebooks by using only paint and a black marker. I must say, one of the diy's I love the most. Curious to see how you can make these fast and easy? Keep on reading. 

Cactus notebook 
First notebook diy is this cactus one. You all know I adore cacti so this one had to be in this serie. Follow the steps below to get this notebook as a result. 

Step one | Start by drawing a cactus stencil on a piece of paper. The size and shape you like. I chose the most popular shape but you can draw other cacti  shapes also. If you are happy with your stencil, cut it out. 
For extra information my stencil is about 4.5cm high and 4cm wide. 

 Step two | Now that you have your stencil it's time to draw it onto your notebook. These cardboard notebooks are the best option for this diy. Start by placing your stencil in random order and trace it by using a pencil. To get the best result make sure you also have 'half' cactus shapes. See my borders. 

Step three |After drawing the cacti on the notebook and you are happy with the result it's time to start painting. I used a green acrylic paint and a small brush. Paint in between the lines. You'll have to do two layers of paint on each cacti. Let it dry! 

TIP: I added a paper underneath my cover to prevent my pages to be painted on as well. This came in handy! 

Step four |Your paint is all dried up now so you can start lining the borders of your cacti. I used a black marker for this. If you made a few mistakes with the green paint before you can cover this up with your marker. 

And there you have the finished result! I added a white label so I can write the subject on there.

Flamingo notebook 
For my second diy notebook I'm making this flamingo. With the bright pink you can turn your boring notebook into something colorful. Also, you see these flamingo's everywhere lately. I even think this is the most easiest diy from these three notebooks. Follow the steps below to get your own flamingo notebook. 
First of all you need a flamingo template. I downloaded mine from google and you can download the same one here . What I did was cut out the inside. Now you have two options. You can attach the paper with some tape to your notebook and use a sponge to add the pink color or you can do like me. 

Step one | I used my pencil and the template to draw the outside lines of my flaming onto the notebook. Make sure you place your flamingo in the middle of your notebook. 

 Step two | I used this pink acrylic paint from Action. But you can chose any other pink you have at home. 

Step three | Now it's time to paint. The most important thing in this diy is to stay in the lines. I'm not going over the edges with a black marker so you have to be neath with this. I did two coats of pink and for me it was enough. Let your paint dry completely and you are done! 

Watermelon notebook 
The last diy notebook for today is this watermelon one. Super easy to make and it gives your plain notebook a fruity look. You know the drill, follow the steps below to make your own watermelon notebook. 

Step one | Use your pair of compasses to make three half circles like I did. Make sure that the middle part is smaller. You can choose your own sizing. 
Mine is about 9cm wide and 8.5 cm high. 

Step two | It's time to paint. I used acrylic paint in red, white and green. My green was a bit to dark for me so I added a little white to make it lighter. Make sure you apply two coats for every color. Make sure you stay in-between the lines for the best result. 

Step three | After your paint dried completely you can start with drawing the black lines with a black marker. 

 Step four | Use a pencil to draw the shape of the watermelon seeds. If you are happy with the result fill them in by using your black marker again and you are done! 

So that was it for this weeks school supply august. Make sure to leave a comment below telling me which one is your favorite? I like the cactus one the most. See you next monday! 

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  1. Ahh dit zijn echt super schattige DIY's! Echt leuk! Die watermeloen is ook best makkelijk :D

    1. Ja ze zijn makkelijk zelf te maken en toch geeft het wat extra! Dankjewel xx