So I got this new agenda from Bando, a large marble one. Perfect and everything but there was one thing missing for me. A supply that helps you find the right page in an instant. Because of that I thought 'why not make this myself?' For today's school supply august I will show you guys how you can make these three adorable bookmarks. Perfect for your agenda or anything else. 

Because all the three bookmarks have the same basics I will show you this in general and give extra information at each bookmark. 

For the basic of the bookmark you will need a square paper.

I took a A4 paper, fold it in two and used one side. So with one A4paper you can make two bookmarks! 
Fold the paper as show in the picture. You are making a triangle and cutting away the acces. When you unfold this you will get a square. So if you already have a square paper that's perfect!

Take the two corners and fold them up, like the picture. Open it up again. 

Fold the top layer halfway down.
Now you are going to take the two corners and fold them in the little pocket that you made with the top layer. Try to get it as neat as possible. 

For the last time unfold the paper and use your glue stick on the corners. Fold them in the little pocket again. This way your bookmark will stay in place and it won't loose it's structure.

Now you have your basic bookmark 

Donut bookmark 

You start with your basic bookmark. I chose to make this in a light brownish color to make it look like a donut, you can also use white paper and color it in using sharpies. 

Now you are going to take a glass that is slightly bigger than your bookmark. Because a donut is round we are going to make a round shape. The larger glass will provide you spaces that you won't cut, otherwise your bookmark will fall apart. Use your pencil and draw around your glass. Cut the circle out.

Take the color that you like for the frosting. I'm using a light pink shade. Use your now rounded bookmark as a stencil. Take your pencil and go around your bookmark. Now you can see how large you can make your frosting. Draw your frosting onto the circle and cut it out. 

Next step is to make the middle hole in your bookmark. Because every donut has one! I used a coin for this and traced it using my pencil. Cut this out as well. 

Lay your frosting on the bookmark an trace where the middle hole has to come, cut this out next. Take your pair of scissors and cut your frosting into two pieces, right in the middle. This is necessary, otherwise you won't be able to use your bookmark.

Now it's time to glue your frosting onto the bookmark.  
Use some colored sharpies or paper to add sprinkles to your donut and it's done! There you have your donut bookmark. 

Watermelon bookmark 

Same as the donut bookmark you will need the basic (green) one and cut a circle out of this. (pictures above) 

Make two circles in white and red. Make sure the white circle is smaller than the green one and the red one is smaller than the white circle. 

Glue the red circle on the white one and cut them right in the middle, like we did with the frosting of our donut. Glue both pieces onto your green bookmark.
Take a black pen and add some seeds to make it look like a watermelon.
You are done! 

Ice cone bookmark 

For the ice cone bookmark you will need a basic bookmark in the color of your choice. I went for Light yellow/beige. 

Optional: On the bottom part you can draw straight lines or square like I did to make it look like a cone. 

I than traced the upper part onto a paper and cut this out. This will provide you to see how large your ice-cream paper needs to be. 

Place the triangle on the color of your ice-cream, blue in my case and trace an ice-cream shape around it. Cut this out.

Use your black pen to draw around the lines and to add some eyes and a little mouth. Glue this onto your bookmark. 

I wanted some sprinkles on my ice-cream so I cut out some rectangles and used my punching tool to make little circles. Glue them onto your ice-cream and you are done! 

So that was it for this weeks school supply august. Make sure to leave a comment below telling me which one is your favorite? I like the donut one the most. See you next monday! 

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