Hi guys! Today it's monday, that means another school supply august. This time I have two different diy's. Why? Well they are easy and fast to make! Today we'll be making our own stickers and we'll pimp our binder by using marble stickers. Curious to see how you can make these? Keep on reading. 

Marble binder cover 

What do you need:
- Binder of your choice, I used a plain colored one. 

- Binder cover (I got mine at Zeeman)

This diy is so easy! You all know I like the marble print and if you didn't, you know it now. So when I saw these binder covers in store for only €1 I had to take them with me. I added these covers to some binders that I found boring or I wanted to add a little extra touch. Doesn't this look beautiful? 

Make your own stickers 
Because the marble binder wasn't a real 'diy' I thought it would be fun to add a little extra. That's why we are making our own stickers to add in our agenda or in our notebooks. You can even write 'happy birthday' and use it for extra decoration on your present. 

Now let's get started! 
What do you need?
- water coloring palette 
- Plain stickersheets 
- Paint brush 
- Markers 

To make your own stickers you don't really need that much. First I started thinking about certain patterns and colors I would like to use. So I came up with these easy polka dots. Some smallers ones and larger ones. You can use the color of your choice. 

After that step I took my water coloring palette, I wanted to do some gradient effects.  I started with three different lighter shades, one on each sticker. I used a lot of water to get the colors this light. Make sure you let it dry for a minute before you move on. 

When your lighter shades are a bit dry you can start your gradient effect. I again chose three colors that are darker and would match with your lighter color. 
I used: Pink - Purple / Orange - Red / Yellow - Brownish kinda color (lol) 
Make sure you start on the bottom of your sticker with the darker color and you work your way up. Go in with the lighter color again, exactly on the place where you darker color stopped, this will help you to get the gradient effect. 

Let your stickers dry completely. 

Now it's time for the final step. Choose the words you want to add. I left some stickers open because I might write something on it while I'm in school. Besides that I added some to do's, a few words and some drawings. 

But it's totally up to you to decide what you want to add. Like I said previously, you can even write 'happy birthday' or ' gift to' on the stickers and use it for wrapping a present. 

So that was it for this weeks school supply august. Make sure to leave a comment below telling me which one is your favorite? See you next monday! 

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