I'm a person that loves diy's and for today we are turning some plain black notebooks into fun in your face colored notebooks! Sounds like fun right? If you want to know how to make these yourself, keep on reading you guys. 

At home I had these two plain black notebooks and yes they are pretty but black for a notebook is boring to me. So when I was searching on pinterest to find some free printables I found these two amazing and funny ones. 

You can download them here, shout out to Kendra from Bouffants & broken hearts for making these lovely illustrations. 

What do you need?
- Plain notebook
- The printable covers of your choice
- Tape 
- Glue 
- Pencil and a pair of scissors 

Girl boss notebook 
 For the first notebook I chose for this female print. I adore the colors in this one. 

Lay your notebook on the backside of your print. Use a pencil to go around the borders so you'll know how larger your notebook is. Proved a few cm'ers extra on each side so you can turn it inside the notebook for a clean finish. cut this out 

I used this glue roller to apply some glue on my notebook. This was actually very handy and it works quite well! After that you take your piece of paper and glue it on the notebook. Press firmly. 

The extra cm'ers that u saved previously will now come in handy. I used tape for this step but you can also use glue.  Fold the excess paper like you would wrap your schoolbooks. 

Now your first notebook is done! 

Banana notebook 
 For the banana notebook I'm not going to cover up all the black. So I'm taking my ruler en measuring 3cm from the left side in. Draw a line so you know where your banana paper can start. This will provide you a black border. 

 Fold the excess paper like you would wrap your schoolbooks. I used tape to attach it but you can also use some glue if you prefer that method. 

I added some washi tape for an extra touch and to make the line between the black and the pattern less harsh. This is totally optional. 

So that was it for today and that makes the last part of our school supply august. I hope your liked this serie as much as I did! Make sure to leave a comment below telling me which one is your favorite? I like the banana one the most. 

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