Hi guys! In Belgium school starts in September so we only got a month before we head back. That's why I'm back with a new diy serie called 'School supply august'. Every monday in august there will be a new post around school diy's. Today I'm starting with this fun free printable binder that you can use to pimp some old notebooks. Take a look to find out how you can make this at home. 

We all have these notebooks that are just plain or the print that is already on it, just doesn't look nice. With these printable binders you can customize your old notebook. Alright, let's go! 

Customized printable binder

What do you need?
- An unused notebook
- Printable binder that you can download here (there are 4 versions) 
- Clear tape/ glue stick
- washi tape

I had an old notebook in my desk that I wanted to change a bit. Because I won't use a notebook where the front isn't my style. So I took this old one that I got from someone a few years ago. When I was searching online I found these printable binders that you can print and glue them onto your notebook. Or like I did, attach them to your notebook by taping the edges. For the last one I used black washi tape for an extra effect. So when class is boring (because sometimes it is, oeps) or you have a break you can start coloring your notebook. How fun is this idea right?
Now let's hope I can stay away from these until school officially starts.. 

What I did was attaching the binder onto your notebook by adding some clear tape. Half of it on the binder,(see picture) half of it turning inside the notebook. Do this for all four sides. This way it won't move and if you are done coloring, you can even change it for another one. 
 There is little space where you can write your class or like I did, just keeping it simple with 'school'. 
 With the other one, I did all the previous steps but added black washi tape to the borders. This way it's different from the other one and goes great with the blue/green color of the notebook itself. 
 And the first diy is done! So much fun right? 
I hope to see you next monday for a new school supply august! 

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