Hi guys. A little while ago I went to the Primark and I got some new items that I'm really excited about. That's why today, I'm doing a haul about what I bought. Curious to see what I took home with me? Keep on reading. 

Satin bomber jacket - €23 
When I saw this bomber I immediately thought about the bomber I saw at Zara's before. I decided to try this one and I loved it instantly. The flower print is lovely and the fabric feels very nice. 

Oversized denim jacket - €25
So I wanted an oversized denim jacket for over three months now. I found one at Pull&bear but I hesitated and didn't bought it, unfortunately it was sold out when I decided to go back. For that reason I was so happy that Primark had one in the color and style that I wanted. I'm planning on covering this one all over with patches, oh yes! So I already started by adding studs and everything, these weren't on the jacket when I bought it.

Metallic midi skirt - €
This piece was hanging in the beginning of the store and it caught my eye right away. A few days later I had my pre-birthday party and I had nothing to wear so when I saw this skirt, I thought it would be perfect for that occasion. I love the way it looks and feels. 

Metallic t-shirt- €11
Besides the metallic skirt I also found a shirt. I wasn't quite sure about this one, but my mom told me she loved it. So I took this one home with me and I must say. I'm quite happy that I got this one. I bought it a little oversized, it looked better in my opinion! The back isn't metallic but more a t-shirt fabric in a grey color.

Loose black shirt - €11 
When I saw this shirt I adored it right away. The sleeves are unique and make it more special. It's a very loose and thin shirt, perfect for a summer night. 

 Ankle jeans - €17
I also added these two pair of jeans to my collection. It said that they were a new fit in the Primark collection so I had to try these. It's a higher waist jeans with a straight leg but it ends right above your ankle. And I have to admit, I wore the blue one a few times now and I adore this fit! So I'm glad I took a black one as well. 

Eyelash curler - €1.50 
To be truly honest.. I don't need an eyelash curler. Because I already have  curled eyelashes from myself. But you all know I'm a huge copper fan, so when I saw this I had to have it. I do use it now every morning, but I don't think it makes any difference for me personally. 

Copper pineapple light - €15 
I have to admit, when I was in the home section I first saw a green cactus light, same size as this one. I had it in my hands but I thought : 'You already heave so much cacti' But I wanted a new light so I took this pineapple with me, because you know.... It's copper.... I'm very happy with this one. It works with batteries. 

Cactus photo clip - €1.50 
Because I didn't took the cactus light I took this little photo clip with me. I know, 'Felia, you still bought something with a cactus' Well yes, that's me! 

Invisible elastics - €1.50 
You probably know the brand Invisibobble, well I wanted to try something like this out but more affordable because I didn't knew I would like these hair ties. I've been using the clear ones for over a week now and I must say, these work amazing. There aren't any hairs in the tie and I don't have any marks in my hair when removing the elastic. 

Toweling turban - €3 
I use these turbans every time I wash my hair. It stays perfect in position. I needed a new one so when seeing this one hanging in the Primark, I took this with me. 

That where all my purchases. I hope you like this primark haul. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite item was! 

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