Hi guys. Only one more day an my finals are done. Yeeeessss, but the question is.. What do you wear on these study days. Well today I have a little example of an outfit I love to wear in these days. Curious to find out why and where I got this outfit? Keep on reading! 

Sometimes people come up to me and ask 'why do you dress up for your finals?' Well I don't, clothes like this make feel comfortable. I got this high waisted jeans in Primark a few months ago. I adore the washing and the flower on one side. It's a mom fit jeans, perfect when you want to feel comfy behind your books. I mean, you don't have to look like a mummy when you have tests... 

I scored this shirt in The Netherlands, Maastricht in a little shop for only 10€ in sale. It's an oversized shirt, like really oversized, perfect for winter or these not so pretty days in Belgium. I tucked it into my jeans to make it less oversized. 

I hope you liked this quick look into my study outfit. What do you wear to study? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Super mooie broek! Ik draag ook enorm graag momjeans, ze zitten zo comfortabel en je ziet er toch goed uit haha!