A few weeks ago, before I left on holiday. My mom and I stopped by the Primark and we bought some nice items. Today I'll be showing you what we bough there. Most of the items are already for the fall/winter season. 

Ruffled shirt - €18 

This cute ruffled shirt totally won my heart over. But I must say I found it 'expensive' for Primark. Am I wrong or? But it does looks very nice. The neck is also adorable. 

Grey sweater - €16

I bought this sweater with the idea to attach some patches on this one. The black zippers makes this sweater different from my other plain sweaters. Can't wait to wear this one. 

Oversized sweater - €14 

I found this oversized sweater between the other clothing. After going through the whole store, I found out this was the only one left. It feels so soft and warm. 

Not yours tee - €8

A fun embroidered shirt is a real musthave for lazy days. 

Satin top - €8

When I was searching in my closet to find outfits to take with me on holiday I noticed that I didn't really had any tops anymore. For that I took this champagne pink top with me, I also got it in black. They almost don't wrinkle and look really good. You also had these in more colors. 

Copper school supplies - €6 

For the next academic year these copper supplies are the best! Even the pencils have quotes written on them. Behind the heart there are some notebook papers. 

 Ribbed beanie - €3

I wanted a new beanie for upcoming winter because all the beanies I have are long so I wanted a shorter one that followed the shape of my head. This one seemed perfect for that. I also love the fact that it's ribbed and not just plain grey. 

Mini blender - €3

I'm in a few beauty Facebook groups and one person suggested these mini blenders from Primark. She said they felt soft and bouncy after you add water. I tried these out under my eyes and they do grow and feel bouncy. That's why I'm very happy with this purchase. 

 Tweezers - €1.50

You all know I love the color copper and when my mom saw these she immediately told me : take these with you, so from now on you won't be stealing mine again!' Haha oeps. I never had my own good pair of tweezers but now I do and they look nice also. 

Hair ties pack - €1.50 

In my previous Primark shoplog you saw I bought these invisibobble inspired hair ties. I wanted another pack because I only use these anymore, but I had to make sure I had enough for a long time. I really recommend these ones!

 Chocker - €3 

I never tried a chocker before and I thought that it wasn't made for me. But I tried this one on holiday and must say, I kinda like it! 

Khaki scarf - €5

What kind of better way to start fall with a new scarf. Never had a khaki one before, but I think it will look nice with my black/white and grey clothing. 

 Black belt - €5

This belt is trending right now but didn't know if it would totally match my style. All the belts in this style were over 25euros, this one was way less. A good opportunity to try this one out. Wore it already two times and I'm loving it!

 Selfie stick - €7 

My previous selfie stick broke a while ago. Because I was going on a holiday I thought it would be nice to have a new one. This one from the primark had a button to click for pictures. Extremely handy. You also have this one in bright pink! 

Water bottle infuser - €6

Infused water makes me drink way more water then normal. For the new academic year this water bottle will be my best buddy to take with me to class. The infusing part had different designs of heart shapes. 

What is your favorite item? 
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