Hi guys! How's your day going so far? When this outfit will go online I'm in Brussels with school for three days. But I wanted to share my outfit from last week. It's november and days are getting colder. Perfect to finally get your wintercoat out. This is my go to outfit. Curious to see more?

When you ask me what is your favorite outfit? I will go for comfortable and simple. Why? Cause I feel myself in oversized sweaters. This outfit is a perfect example of my go to outfit. Whenever I'm stuck in the morning what to wear, I'll probably choose something like this, you just can't go wrong with it. 

Also it's november and finally you can wear your wintercoats again. I know, some of you are already wearing them. But for me, I wait till november 1st. Why? Well I actually don't know. It's going around in our family and I'm following them. By that you make sure you don't go wearing them too soon. Because when winter officially kicks in and you're already wearing your wintercoats for the last two months. What are you going to do? Exactly.. 

Coat Primark - Sneakers Chaussea - Jeans Cloudsoffashion - Sweater Aliexpress

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  1. Mooie outfit! Ik wil ook nog altijd zo'n camel coat, staat zo classy :D