A few days ago I went shopping with my mom. In the beauty section we found this cream highlighters palette and we were curious to find out if it was any good or not. We swatches some highlighters in the store and we took this one home with us. Today I'm showing you my review on this highlighter palette, and I must say. It's not that bad. 

When you open the palette you see that there are 5 different shades and highlighters. They all come with a name, for me that a plus because it makes it more interesting. The names are only writing on the little plastic and not in the palette itself or on the back. Just so you know. 
At first glance they look really beautiful. But now it's time to really put these highlighters to the test and see if they not only look good inside the palette, but also when you apply them to your face. 
Platinum - Royal Gold - Renaissance Gold - Antique Bronze - Dusty Pink

First some swatches to see how the product feels. They are really creamy so that's not a lie and at first glance they look quite pigmented. Platinum and dusty pink show up the least on my skin. So far so good. 
I applied Royal Gold to my cheekbones and I must say, it looks kinda nice. It's not a heavy highlighter, so if you are more for that this will be a pass. But for me, it's a perfect everyday highlighters palette to add a little glow to my skin. 

Also I used my fingers to apply the product to my skin. First I wanted to try it with a brush, but because it's that creamy I felt like my fingers would work the best and indeed. It applied really well. What I did notice at the end of the day, the highlighter faded a bit. So it's not super long wearing, but enough for me.

My verdict? I really pleased with this product and I'm happy I bought it. It's not expensive and the quality is quite nice. If you like more heavier highlighter I would recommend to pass on this one. If you like subtle glow, this can work for you! 

You can find this PS Illuminate cream highlighters palette in selected Primark stores for €5.

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