Are you looking for the most fun, unique and/or pretty gift tags for your christmas present? You are at the right address. I searched the internet for the most fun free printable gift tags, so why not share them with you? 

All you have to do is download the printable gift tags and print them out on cardboard paper. Cut them out and you are good to go! 

Alexis makes the most perfect and unique gift tags. My favorite one is the 'Merry christmas ya filthy animal' from Home Alone the movie. You can get these printables in different colors. Perfect right? You can download them here on her website.

The next gift tags are also from Alexis! These are more classic and perfect to add on every present. You can download them here on her website.

My personale favorites are these hand lettering gift tags from Molly. I absolutely love them and used her gift tags already on som presents. You can download them here on her website.

The last one that I'm going to share are these simple but very classic ones. 
Loving the 'Spoiler alert: it' s not a car' tag. Print them out on different colors of paper and make them more you. You can download them on Holley's website here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully you find some gift tags that are perfect for your presents. I already packed some presents and used a couple of these gift tags. Loving the christmassy feeling. 

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