A few days ago I went to Action with my mom. I needed a study break and she needed to do some errands. Perfect timing for me to join my mom. We took some really nice things home with us and there will be a video on my youtube channel later this week about the items I shopped. But for this one I couldn't wait. A new eyeshadow palette with 24 shades. Curious to find out my opinion? Keep on reading. 

I already reviewed an eyeshadow palette of Max&More before on my blog and I was nicely surprised about the pigmentation. So when I saw this new palette I decided to take this one home with me and try it out. 

First of all, the packaging. Action really stepped up their game. A nice black box with all the shadows shown on the top. On the back you can see that this palette is the nude palette, number 02. It was the only shade in my Action store but I do think they have more shades. 

Not only the cardboard box is nicely packed but the palette itself is really clean and pretty. The palette itself isn't that heavy. So in that way it feels cheap but hey, what to you expect for €1,98, right? 

When you open the nude palette you see your 24 eyeshadow shades and two sponge applicators (that I never use). The inside and the packaging makes me think of the Morphe eyeshadow palettes. From left to right they go from brighter colors to darker colors. Every color is 1 gram. 

Swatches of the first row 

Swatches second row

Swatches third row 

For the colors it self, I'm kinda happy with the pigmentation, especially for the price I paid: €1,98. YES! It was so cheap. There are some colors where the pigmentation isn't amazing, especially with the lighter colors. But the other colors make up for that. Also a really good plus is that the fallout is limited! I was so happy with that, because with cheap eye palettes you can have the risk to have a big amount of fall out. I'm really happy. I'm convinced that you can make good everyday eye looks with this palette. Also a good palette if you are a beginner and you don't want to spend a lot of money at once just to try eyeshadow out. 

Nice to know is that Max & More is cruelty free. 

You can shop this eyeshadow palette for €1,98 in your local Action 

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  1. Je vraagt je echt af hoe ze voor minder dan 2 euro zo een palette kunnen maken hé? :-D De pigmentatie is idd niet slecht! Heel fijne review!